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This program provides a tremendous opportunity for anyone who needs to understand more about their
investments. It was very informative!

Larry MooreSmall Business OwnerBerry, Alabama

I did not understand the volatility of the market as well as the importance of bear markets. After this
course, I can say I fully understand how prudent investment management actually works.

Marlin McNayRetireeBirmingham, Alabama

I had a good, general knowledge of investment principles, but this program really made them easier to
understand and apply. It takes out a lot of the uneasiness I have had in the past with understanding the

John NielsenDentist

This course clearly details the importance of an investment management process. The biblical
foundation is refreshing to see as it reminds me that investing is a blessing but also a Christian
responsibility, rather than the view of wealth as just greedy or hording. Great course!

Nathan IveyEngineerJasper, Alabama

Investing with confidence is written and presented in such a way that I could understand the material
very easily. The class was very enjoyable and knowledgeable.

Jean JohnsRetiree

This course confirmed and refreshed what I somewhat already knew, but to have a course explain
investing in a logical prospective helped me realize exactly what I didn’t know too. As a Christian this
biblically based presentation confirmed my faith in God and the truth of the Bible. This course should
definitely convict an unbeliever to reevaluate their position in life without Christ.

Bob O'DanielRetired HR Director, Alabama Power Co.Birmingham, Alabama

This course definitely reinforced my own knowledge in investing and increased my trust in whom I have
hired to manage my own money. This is a wonderful course that everyone should attend at some point
in life.

Banks FarrisRetired Executive, Alabama Power Co.Birmingham, Alabama

After taking this class, I realized and learned how important it is to stay focused on the big picture of
investing rather than the short-term spots, to also remain patient, and further manage my risk tolerance
through various up and down markets.


Investing with confidence is an excellent summary on the prudence of investing wealth and is based on
solid biblical teachings/principles.

Denis DevaneRetired Executive

This course helped me understand and feel more comfortable with my own investments.

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