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I’ve been an investment advisor for over 24 years with firms such as the Duke and Emory Endowments, and I even learned something from this workbook.  I highly recommend this program/workbook to anyone.

Brad Alford, CFA, CFP Chief Investment OfficerAlpha Capital Management & Former Duke and Emory Endowment Manager, Atlanta, GA

After going through this course I now feel that I understand my investments better than ever!

Don CampbellRetiree

This was a great course on investing that would benefit anyone, and I wish I would have had this information years ago when I was young!

Shirley ShipmanRetiree

Wealth Management University really opened my eyes and changed my perspective on investing.

Eric HudsonDirector of Planning and Administration, Brasfield & GorrieBirmingham, Alabama

The Investing with Confidence program and workbook was very educational, informative, and exactly what I needed to establish a financial plan for my future.

Lance NorthamPurchasing Manager, ACIPCOBirmingham, Alabama

This course helped me understand more about the marketplace and drastically transformed my fear into peace of mind relative to my investments!

Carole SandersRetiree

Investing with Confidence helped me understand my investments more than ever before!

Jim SwindleRetiree

Investing with Confidence has allowed me to better understand the process of prudently managing the
money God has entrusted to me.

Freda IveySelf EmployedJasper, Alabama

After this course, I am now more comfortable with where I am with my investment strategy/risk
allocation than I ever was before, all because this course helps you understand things more visual.

Dennis McNayRetireeBirmingham, Alabama

Investing with Confidence is the only way to protect and grow my money.

Jeff & Jonelle LeachRetireeBirmingham, Alabama
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