About Andrew

Andrew D. Rice, CPA, AIF®, CTS™, WMS

Andrew (Andy) D. Rice is president and founder of Wealth Management University and chief financial officer, vice-president and investment advisor representative of Money Management Services, Inc., (MMS), a family-owned, fee-only SEC registered investment advisory firm with its principal place of business in Birmingham, Alabama. Andy’s knowledge and experience in wealth management and investment planning focuses on mid to high-net worth clients, guiding and managing their wealth accumulation, retirement planning, investment portfolio management, personal taxation, estate tax planning, wealth transfer and charitable gift planning.

Unlike some financial authors and speakers, Andy has first-hand experience managing clients’ wealth.  Andy writes a national monthly column for Advisor One, an online publication for financial investment professionals. He also wrote the nationally recognized and well-received article, “The Gamble of a Lifetime: Roth Conversions,” published in Investment News Magazine. The article won first-place in an annual competition sponsored by the Center for Fiduciary Studies and was complimented by former U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neil for its sound thinking and analysis on the topic.

Andy has been recognized and quoted as a financial expert in numerous publications including  Investment News magazine, Advisor One, Financial Planning Digest, Crain’s Detroit Business, The Birmingham News, Birmingham Business Journal, The Next Move, Registered Rep (now Rep.) magazine, Des Moines Register and The Ohlson Report. He has also presented or collaborated on various seminars for a number of major Fortune 500 companies across the southeast U.S.

Andy graduated from the University of Alabama-Birmingham with a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. He has also pursued additional education in the financial field, earning designations including Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®), Certified Tax Specialist (CTS™), and Wealth Management Specialist (WMS). 

Taught at a young age by his parents how to deal with finances, Andy was destined for a career in finance or accounting. After graduating as valedictorian of his high school class, he received a prestigious congressional appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy, which he graciously declined; instead, choosing to pursue his lifelong dream of playing college basketball. Like every young college player, becoming an NBA professional was high on his list. However, he quickly realized that his athletic ability was barely good enough for college, let only the NBA. It was then that he learned his basketball career journey was far more meaningful than basketball itself, and that as God’s design gave him a gift far beyond his dreams, his wife Lacy.

After completing a Master’s equivalent accounting degree, he started working at Money Management Services, working his way up from the bottom and learning all facets of the wealth management business from one of the best in the industry – his father, Don. Andy would continually seek his father’s knowledge and wisdom in retirement planning and investment management, and today he enjoys the honor of standing side- by-side with his father in the family’s financial advisory business, managing hundreds of millions of dollars of client assets. 

Andy will never forget, however, one important concept his father taught him. “You have to understand the basics to deal with the complexity.” Every business is complex in some way, usually from a lack of understanding; but once you have the knowledge, the complexity becomes simple. As a partnering role in the firm, Andy has helped develop meaningful structures that enable client assets to be managed as efficiently and proactively as any major wealth management firm in the nation.   

Yet something started bothering Andy during the 2008-2009 Great Recession. Fellow Christian brothers and sisters spoke with him about their emotional distress related to investment management, and that their retirement dreams were evaporating right before their eyes. These troubling conversations became burdensome on Andy’s heart. Therefore, to help address their concerns, he created a Bible-based (Non Bible-based*) investment education program which could easily be taught in churches.  Long before he started creating the program, however, Andy struggled with the notion of the church setting as a classroom. Early in his career his parents taught him that “You don’t go to church to get business.” Yet the inevitable tug from within prevailed, and it wasn’t until he realized God is in control and if God was calling him to do something, then by not doing it, he was being unfaithful with the gifts he had been given. Andy believes that the Holy Spirit puts opportunities to serve in our hearts and minds for a reason, and it is our responsibility as Christians to act on what God has called us to do. He knows our hearts and intentions and will honor and bless our work if done for the right reasons. Therefore, the following points are the basis for Andy’s Wealth Management University:

1. Help everyday believers learn more about the investment world from an experienced investment professional, in hopes people can find retirement and investing confidence as well as make better investing decisions with their God-given wealth. *

2. Spread the gospel of Christ as it relates to what most of society has allowed to become their worldly idol, Wealth. *


*After enormous success with the Bibble based investment version, Andy saw the need to further expanded Wealth Management University beyond just the Church/Christian education avenues, hence, the creation of this Non-Bible based version which aims to meet the demands of Universities, Corporations, High Schools, and all other public teachings, which the Bible based version may not be feasible.